The pursuit of wisdom

My dull winged

moth thoughts

circle light

in dumb pursuit

until singed husk

falls broken

a meager sacrifice

beneath the goal

of brilliant understanding

I would prefer

Leopard cognisance

Solid muscle stalking truth

to pounce with purpose

and consume

still pulsing

food of knowledge

When this ‘poem’ was first bouncing in my head.  I was going to use a butterfly instead of moth, flitting lightly to light upon beauty or understanding but I felt that the butterfly is too pretty and attractive for the purpose, the moth I feel works better both because it is less attractive and the moth being drawn to light but impotent  is a more apt choice.

What led to these thoughts was a suggestion from a friend to study by correspondence but I have little faith in my ability to focus on such a task and achieve success.

The leopard metaphor was inspired by an outing to Lory Park organised by Evelyn from Clamber Club Benoni.  Lory Park is a small zoo in Gauteng which has several rare and beautiful cats including white lions, jaguars, tigers and pumas.

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  1. Lovely I like it but I think you are right, chew on it for a while and the right words will come well done

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