Men write family drama and romance books with more head and less heart.  Not that they lack emotion, but they convey feeling in a different way.  I like that way.  Nick Hornby has become my favourite author, well on most days until I pick up a Joanne Harris or John Irving.  Recently I read The Rosie Project, although it’s very different, it had a similar feel to The Silver Linings Playbook.

The Silver Linings Playbook is engaging, intelligent and has a lot of heart.  I was pushing my bedtime later and later, needing “just one more chapter to see what happens”.  I confess that I did skim read a few football paragraphs.  When America becomes a serious contender in any sporting World championship, which involves other nations ouside America, I will sit up and take notice.  Don’t worry the book is not about football.  It is the story of Pat, recently released from a nut house, and his longing for the end of “apart time” from his wife.  Sorry, you never get much plot in my book reviews, I hate to spoil anything for readers.

When a book still knocks around in my head 48 hours after putting it down, I consider it a good read.  Well, other than American Psycho which stuck around more like a nasty mental stain.  I finished The Silver Linings Playbook 2 days ago and my mind frequently returns to the characters and story.  Now I need to look up what a Playbook is.

I will be looking out for more books by Mathew Quick.  Cliff has just started Atlas Shrugged, unfortunately I need to wait for him to finish those 1000+ pages before he can read this book, then we can watch the movie together.

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  1. I always love book reviews and will certainly keep this one in mind! I loved the Rosie project and is currently busy with the follow up – The Rosie Effect.

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