The Titanic Expo South Africa


Thanks to Heather from the blog One Step at a time, I won tickets to the Titanic Expo.  I confess that prior to visiting the expo I had minimal interest in the Titanic.  I never saw the movie (too much hype and I know the ending).  My only Titanicism has been the penchant to apply the colloquial term “Full steam ahead and F*$# the icebergs” liberally on my journey through life.

It’s a busy time of year now, we eventually used the tickets on the expo’s last weekend in Johannesburg.


As we walked into the expo I teared up.  I’m not the weepy sort but there was something deeply moving about seeing artifacts which had rested on the ocean floor for a century.


My eldest daughter Domi joined us and read the info boards to her little siblings.  Fjord (8) was fascinated by everything.  Prone to obsession, Fjord is now intrigued by all things Titanic related.  Yesterday he started a Titanic society at school and today took the well paged book from the expo to school.

Driving to the expo, my husband Clifford had shared what he knew about the Titanic with the children.  On returning home I watched various YouTube videos about the Titanic.  In retrospect it may have been better to build background knowledge by doing this prior to our visit.

If in Cape Town I recommend that you visit the Titanic Expo between 22 Nov ’15 and March ’16.  It is a moving and very interesting experience.

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  1. It was really a moving experience

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