Week ending 29 August 2021

A quote from our audio book to start last weeks record. “Despite rumour, Death isn’t cruel – merely terribly, terribly good at his job.”
― Terry Pratchett, Sourcery

Hmm it’s already Tuesday but yesterday was a wee bit busy. Mum arrived from Durbs for her first visit this year which is awfully late, but lovely to have her with us none the less

23 August was National Sponge Cake day
The dust and building continues, our sunroom has always been a dead space but that is set to change
My quest to find alternative breakfast spots in Benoni continues and each new discovery is delightful. The Grove is lovely, it’s a pity that it was cold and miserable as the outdoor seating is very appealing.
Dried Paprika and Kostadinov chilli peppers were blitzed in the coffee grinder to make spice.
The children are so happy to have Mum here, Fjord quickly roped her into a game of chess

Parts of the week were stressful, I really need to learn to trust God and not get anxious about things that are beyond my control. Here’s my song for the week, it’s specially for one person, you know who you are xxx, the message is important in all relationships. Divided we fall

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  1. One of my favorite songs since childhood.
    Brings back some warm memories.

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