When being hot in bed is a bad thing

Instead of being a welcoming refuge I began to dread sleepless nights

When Cliff bought our new mattress a few years ago I loved the comfort of it, but a full night’s sleep became a thing of the past.  Every night I would wake many times, so hot that it felt like my skin against the mattress was burning.  I would wake and move off the hot patch many times during the night.  Cliff did not have the same experience and took my complaints with a pinch of salt.  The timing coincided with menopause.  I didn’t really have hot flushes, I was permanently warm, my thermostat was on a higher setting.  I couldn’t sleep with a stitch of clothing and often pushed the duvet off and lay under a sheet, even in winter.  Then I blamed the mattress, maybe it was too dense, maybe it traps heat?  It has 2 different sides, one memory foam and the other something else.

The culprit of hot nights, plastic lined mattress protector

With the new mattress Cliff bought a mattress protector (a good mattress costs a small fortune and you want to protect it from stains.  In the end I discovered that the mattress protector was the problem.  I took the protector off the bed and instead put 2 other sheets under the fitted sheet on top.  After years of broken sleep at long last I get a full night’s sleep.  If it’s a toss up between a slightly discoloured mattress and sleep, the answer is a no brainer.

Over the same period I can see that I have aged a lot and developed bags under my eyes.  I don’t know if the bags will ever diminish but I really wish that it didn’t take so long to solve the problem.  Few things are as important as getting a good night’s sleep, and there should be no compromise in achieving proper rest.

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  1. Ahh ha… Mines coming off tonight…. I am hot all the time..Thank You!!!

  2. Glad you figured out the problem! We have a gale force fan! I feel the cold actually and my husband feels the heat. So I have to bury myself in duvet and quilt while he sleeps on top. Funny how we all have different temperature settings.

  3. Love your title 😜 Glad you figured it out!

  4. Sorry to break the bad news… the eye bags never diminish – take it from a chronic insomniac who loves sleep she battles to get 😉
    We have bamboo material mattress protectors that we have had for years that definitely don’t heat up the bed and use electric blankets in winter.
    Glad you found the solution to your sleep deprivation 😀

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