Yes! Women can wear Men’s Jeans

My old and very tired jeans
My old and very tired jeans

For the past 2 years I have been desperate to replace my denim jeans.  The problem has been that I HATE stretch denim, I wanted 100% cotton which seems to be out of fashion.  To complicate things further I don’t like fake creases, fake fading, fake rips or any bells and whistles.  I also like dark blue denim which the old pair were once upon a lifetime ago.  Eventually I posted on the Facebook walls of all the major South African retailers asking for help in this quest.  Woolworths got back to me and said that they sell 100% cotton women’s jeans, they are called ‘Boyfriend’ jeans but these still didn’t quite cut it as I could not get good old plain dark blue.  The word ‘boyfriend’ however got my mind going on a new track.  What if I could buy Men’s jeans, I dashed off to my husband’s cupboard to try on a pair after all we are both size 34.  That didn’t work, his jeans swam on me.  I then set off to the mall to try on other men’s jeans.  Woo hoo success!!  Men’s sizing must be very different, in men’s jeans I drop from a 34 to a 30 (boy I feel so skinny).  I eventually bought the ‘Stone Harbour’ denims from Edgars.  Unless fashions change I will only be wearing Men’s jeans in the future, I wonder if I can now wear the pants in the home?

Men's slim leg jeans back
Men’s slim leg jeans back
Men's slim leg jeans
Men’s slim leg jeans

The pics above are the Style described as ‘Slim Leg’

Men's bootleg jeans back
Men’s bootleg jeans back

Men's Bootleg jeans

Edgar’s have a special on if you buy 2 pairs of jeans, so I also bought a pair of ‘Boot leg’ style, (photos above)

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  1. I hate when you can’t get what you like because it’s not in fashion. I once needed a long sleeved top and for the life of me I couldn’t find one without a hood.

  2. Love this. I think I may have to start shopping in the men’s section too. Thanks!

  3. Duh ! Yes , females have been wearing men’s jeans and all of menswear big time since women’s lib went full monty with their gravitation big time into transvestism around 1964. The lateness menswear look is his big faced wrist watch that females took over about 6 years ago; nothing is sacred that was male wear first; it is gender Marxism !

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