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Ann's Aqua 1st lesson

Ann's Aqua baby pool

We do not have a swimming pool at home but a top priority for us was to get our children water safe and able to swim.  When Fjord was 2 we took him to swimming lessons in Boksburg but after enjoying the 1st class it was all downhill from there.  The swim school which we attended teach according to the forced submergence principle and that simply didn’t work for us.  Instead of looking forward to classes he became highly anxious and stressed about going to swimming lessons.  The lady who gave those classes gave an impression of not being particularly fond of children and she radiated tension.  We then took a 2 year break (probably much too long).  I made several enquiries and was told about Ann’s Aqua World in East Village, Sunward Park, Boksburg.  Fjord was 4 when he started there.  One philosophy of the swim school is that children learn to swim at their level of comfort and there is no forced submergence.  Fjord has loved the classes since the 1st lesson and now swims relatively well, he recently turned 6 and I foresee that we will continue with his lessons for quite some time, mainly because he loves going so much and of course because the longer he goes the more he will improve.

Ann and her daughter Nicole are the swimming teachers, not only are they good at what they do but they seem genuinely fond of the children and their warm natures make the little ones feel comfortable and happy.  Acacia started lessons this season (she recently turned 3), from the 1st class she was happy and relaxed, in fact she smiled the whole way through.

Ann’s Aqua World has 2 indoor heated pools, one for babies and a big one.  Acacia is already in the big pool.  I was a little uncertain when I saw that parents are only allowed inside to watch at the 1st lesson of every month but actually that is a good idea and works.  The children are not distracted by parents and focus more on what they are doing, there has been zero stress when I have walked out of the class once they are in the pool.

Also watching only 1 lesson a month the progress is very clear to see from month to month.


Acacia also goes to piano lessons and Fjord is learning violin with John Skinner in Parkdene, Boksburg




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  1. I would like to inquire about your swimming lessons fees for me and my daughter who is 5 years old. when is your next terms starting.

  2. Good day,
    I have 3 children who would like to have swimming lessons. I saw your details on the internet and would like to meet with you the soonest.
    I can be contacted on the above mail or 0835623319

    Ms Moseli

  3. Hi. I would Like to start my 4 year son for swimming lessons. May you please email me all details. Thank you

  4. Good Day

    I have 2 Kids that I would like to enrol in your swim school.

    Kindly contact me on 079 233 7919/Alternatively on the above email address.

  5. Prices please

  6. I have a 2year old and a 11month old baby nd would like to send them for swimming lessons,how much will it cost?

  7. Hi. I would Like to enrol my daughter for swimming lessons, she will be 4yrs old next year January, I would like to know if you do swimming lessons for adult too, I would like to learn swimming, can you please email me all details. Thank you

  8. Good day , I want to enquire about swimming lesson for a 3 & 4 yrs old .
    They have never swam before .

  9. Good day my name is Wendy I have 3 kids who.I’d like to enroll for swimming lessons they are 10 8 & 6 pls advice on the price per child per month.


    • Hi Wendy, I do not work for Anne’s Aqua, my kids just go there for swimming. Please contact Ann who’s contact details are above

  10. Good day I am looking for a swimming lessons for my son he is 6 years old how much is it monthly?

    • I do not work at the swim school, please look up the contact details at the end of this post and contact Ann directly

  11. Need infor about classes for swimming for 4years old girl

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