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Week ending 12 September 2021

Lets start on the right foot with a quote from Sourcery which we finished listening to this week. “They suffered from the terrible delusion that something could be done. They seemed prepared to make the world the way they wanted it or die in the attempt, and the trouble with dying in the attempt was that you died in the ... Read More »


Generally lately, I treat this space like a diary, something to look back on. There are you precious few who take interest in the little fish bowl which I swim in. You gift me with your time reading what I write. You sometimes reach out with a comment, and that means a lot to me. Some know the part of ... Read More »

Week ending 5 Sept 2021

Well that week ended with a headache from hell, but at least it’s gone today. Not much went on last week, Mum is still with us which is lovely. Our music teacher gave us blueberries so we gave him some blueberry muffins. Found a good recipe on Allrecipes. Funny thing is that I’ve always found blueberries to be a bit ... Read More »

Week ending 29 August 2021

A quote from our audio book to start last weeks record. “Despite rumour, Death isn’t cruel – merely terribly, terribly good at his job.”― Terry Pratchett, Sourcery Hmm it’s already Tuesday but yesterday was a wee bit busy. Mum arrived from Durbs for her first visit this year which is awfully late, but lovely to have her with us none ... Read More »

Make your own egg replacer powder

For years I bought Orgran No Egg, egg replacer but with shipping delays associated with lockdowns I could not find it for months. We looked up a few recipes to make some and drawing from these I made up my own recipe. The biggest problem with the ones which I found was that they made enormous amounts. I prefer to ... Read More »

Week ending 22 August 2021

I think a quote from Sorcery, our current Terry Pratchett audio book is a good start. “The truth isn’t easily pinned to a page. In the bathtub of history the truth is harder to hold than the soap and much more difficult to find.” Acacia went for a hair trim and loved having her hair straightened I tried out another ... Read More »

Windy week ending 15 Aug 2021

Spring wants to arrive but winter is slow to relinquish it’s grasp. I’ll stick to the picture summary of our highlights. In the C19 diary, I think this is now the 3rd week of not hearing of any new cases, which is great! J is still in hospital and I keep hoping for her to turn the corner. I chatted ... Read More »

Our week ending 8 Aug 2021, minimal news is good news

Already 2 days past the end of the week but it’s been quiet. Fjord turned 14 last week, he had a good day. We gave him a harmonica which he is already getting the hang of. My eldest son Heath visited Jo’burg and it was lovely to spend yesterday and part of Saturday with him. We also gave Fjord a ... Read More »

Week ending 1 Aug 2021

New decision is to try to record at least 1 thing that made me happy on each day of the week. Acacia got the first 2 Wizards of Once books for her birthday but she gobbled them up in a day or 3 On Monday the children went back to school. One thing that we missed was listening to our ... Read More »