Between a cappuccino and the deep blue sea

Normally if I drink coffee it’s one cup in the morning.  Last night I could not resist a cappuccino.  Won’t be doing that again!  My weary body gave a contented sigh as I collapsed on my beloved bed.  Then I became a snorkeller on the oceans of tranquillity.  Gazing into the depths of the world of dreams, I thrashed about yearning for aqualungs.  Mind buzzing like a mosquito, unable to escape wakefulness.

When sleep came I still remained on the surface longing to submerge completely but buoyed by caffeine.  Bright coloured dream fish taunted just out of reach.  Siren song wooed to the deep.  Neptune invited me to a banquet but I rose with sand in my mouth and unquenched thirst.

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