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Headache free Hoodie masks

I’m one of those people who has been OTT careful with Covid19, I wash and sanitize everything that comes into my house.  I wear a 4 layer mask in this pattern when I go to the shops.  My children spent 6 months at home doing online schooling.  This term we felt that it was time for them to go back ... Read More »

Acaciaś bath bombs

Me and my mom found a bath bomb recipe.It is really easy to make.  We changed a few recipes because they were too crumbly.  We make half circles in cake pop moulds because we do not have other moulds, or we press them inside a cookie press to make shapes.   You can use other oils but we like coconut oil ... Read More »

slime recipe (Acacia´s second blog post)

ingredients : Borax powder Polyvinyl alcohol food coloring (optional) glitter (optional) mix 2% borax with hot water stir until the borax is dissolved you can put it in a bottle or container. Then in another container mix 4%   Polyvinyl alcohol with hot water this will take a bit longer to mix into the water. Next put this into another ... Read More »

Making fabric face masks

I find it depressing that making face masks cropped up on my crafting agenda but we live in strange times.  I am a housewife with NO medical knowledge  and don’t know if masks make a difference with transmission of Covid19 but if there’s a chance that they do I’m going to take that chance.  I also don’t know to what ... Read More »

Easy Pullover jersey – Knitting for dummies

For the longest time I have wanted a 100% cotton jersey.  I’ve looked at ones ready made for sale and on and off over the last few years I’ve  spent hours online searching for a pattern to make my own.  I’ve used search terms like, free pattern, easy, garter stitch jersey, jumper, pullover and so on, and even “knitting for ... Read More »

The pottery soap dish project

For a few days before Domi (my daughter) and Duncan (her husband) emigrated to Canada they stayed in our garden cottage.  Duncan pointed out that he prefers a bar of soap in a soap dish rather than liquid hand soap.  He also knew that I love a new pottery challenge.  I have now made a few soap dishes in 2 ... Read More »

Pick and Paint, painting ceramics in Boksburg

Recently my friend Abbey arranged a fun Mum’s and kids workshop at Pick & Paint Ceramics in Parkrand, Boksburg.  Before going we selected items to paint from the catalog.  Acacia chose an elephant and Fjord a frog.  I didn’t join in as pottery is my passion and I love decorating my ceramics with glazes. Pick & Paint have a wonderful ... Read More »

Vogue Pattern V9199

I’m loving sewing dresses using the Vogue V9199 pattern.  I don’t like having to use zips and buttons and this dress simply pulls over the head.  The drawback is that I’m restricted to stretch fabrics, but so far I’ve been happy with the ones that I’ve used. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sula (@sulaskimmingstones) View this ... Read More »

A little light in the darkness – pottery toadstool nightlight

After my epic parenting fail post about Fjord’s tick bite fever.  His Godmother Jo called to ask instruct me that my next post be a #winningatparenting one.  I broke my word because between our conversation and now our lives in SA were turned upside down and instead I changed the lyrics to the 80’s anti apartheid protest song “Give me ... Read More »