Culamoya Chimes – Harmony in the Natal Midlands

Culamoya outdoor chimes

The Natal Midlands breath magic and poetry, there is art in nature and nature in art.  The hills are alive and they sing to you, if you go to Culamoya Chimes this transfers from metaphor to reality.  A breeze blows through you and the cobwebs fall away.

Frik and Lola are examples of pure good folk and you feel it in the atmosphere.   Taking 2 small children anywhere can be a bit stressful.  When we stepped into the room filled with delicate chimes with 2 year old Acacia my stress levels rose as I saw her reaching in wonder filled curiosity for the sources of the magical music.  I almost could not believe it when instead of turning to see a proprietor with a tight drawn mouth, Frik smiled and said “Let her play with them, if they break we will fix them”.   Well people like that just make me light up inside and feel hope for humanity.

Culamoya delicate chimes

We chose two chimes, one which Fjord chose for himself and one for Cliff’s 10 year old niece who is so hard to buy a gift for (that one will be in the cupboard for the next 8 months) but come December we won’t be rushing headless around a crowded mall in anxiety we have the perfect gift waiting for her.  The next surprise came when we found that we were unable to pay by card, again Frik just smiled and gave Cliff a slip with his bank details for us to make payment when we got home.  Such trust,  where do these people come from?  I guess it can only be the Midlands.

Before writing this post I went onto their facebook page, how lovely, you can listen to a variety of their chimes on there, made me smile all over again.

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