The fires raging in the Western Cape, reminded me of a day in August 1999 witnessing a forest fire.  In my days as a single mother, living in Natal, I often drove inland to the Valley of 1000 hills.  On one of these trips I stopped the car to take in the awe full destruction of a forest fire.  The air vibrated with energy and heat and I could hear the boiling sap of pine trees as they exploded.  The scene was incredibly powerful and it’s metaphors resonated within me.  I have lived through my own days of fire and the subsequent rebirth.


I saw

A flood of flame

Living – leaping – igniting

Beautiful – breathtaking


The unstoppable power

Of wild-fire

I felt

the deadwood

of dry past

crackle within

The hot wind fanning

the trees to exquisite light

The wind of change combusting within

to release a greater might

Today the forest is

black and white

ash and charred silhouettes of

what was, standing stripped

in eerie



the rain falls

so, so soft

and in the air

I smell, green

Deep, deep within

sense stirrings of




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If anyone can give me a better title for this poem please let me know.  …


  1. Sula, this is such a beatiful poem! Reflects what we are experiencing in Cape Town today.

  2. What a beautiful poem Sula and so glad you rose above your own fire and flourished, which is why I know you will succeed at quitting smoking. The time is right for you and you will rise above it and succeed.

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