Heidi on audiobook, making a gentle homeward journey


A delightful visit with family in Umdloti inevitably drew to conclusion.  While in transit we listened to the audio book Heidi (free download here).  Thus influenced by this charming tale, I shall in this instance imitate the style in which the sweet tale was narrated.

We dragged forlorn heels away from the gentle hills of Natal, seeking any excuse to prolong our stay in the province where summer is an almost eternal season.

Where 500 ml honey is a mere R30
Where 500 ml honey is a mere R30


We paused along the way at the somewhat shabby Zenex re-fueling station near to Midmar Dam.  There honey is purveyed at prices unseen at any other convenience store.

IMG_0606 (2) IMG_0602 (2) IMG_0590 IMG_0588 IMG_0586 Granny Mouse lounge (2)

To ease the sadness of our departure my husband’s brother Allan and his family happened to be travelling the same route, offering companionship at intervals along the way.  Desiring to sample the offerings of an establishment previously unvisited, our choice was Granny Mouse in the Natal Midlands, where thatched buildings blend to become one with the surrounding hills.  Our two separate transports united at this point, and within a cosy lounge refreshments and sweet treats fortified us for the remainder of our journey.  Allan remarked that this is quite the sort of place which one may chance upon in England.  We all expressed the wish to perhaps in the future spend a night enjoying the comforts of Granny Mouse.

sunset (2)

In our attempts to protract departure, we lingered possibly longer that would make good sense.  The stop to replenish supplies of my favourite flavoured coffees at The Wine Cellar in Rosetta was of necessity more hurried than I would like but there is truth in the saying that surely all good things must come to an end.

As the sun lowered toward the horizon, my heart quickened at the thought of returning home to all which is familiar and beloved.

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  1. Gosh that honey price! And we adore honey. I love the leisurely way you travelled

  2. Heidi is such a classic. One of my favourite childhood books, which I still have and read over and over as a child.
    Honey at R30.00 for 500mls, now that is a classic too 🙂considering 340 g at Woolworths is over R50.00.
    One of our clients went to Granny Mouse for a romantic weekend away a few years ago, I thought it was a strange place to go for a romantic weekend. Mouse and granny just doesn’t scream romance, but the long awaited baby was proof that romantic it was 😂.
    The name doesn’t do the place justice and they say it is more beautiful than the pictures.
    PS loved the way you narrated this post

    • Thank you Dianne. I stock up on honey at that shop to last between each Natal visit. I loved listening to Heidi and still remember reading it as a child. Now Fjord doesn’t want to listen to ‘Heidi Grows Up’ because he wants her to stay a child.
      Ah Granny Mouse did for your clients what Mont Aux Sources did for us 🙂

      • Like Fjord, I didn’t want Heidi to grow up and didn’t enjoy Heidi Grows Up, I think there is also Heidi’s children, I am not sure if I read it or it was on TV.
        I haven’t heard of Mont Aux Sources, happy for you that it worked out ☺

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