Hilltop Camp at Hluhluwe / Umfolozi Game Reserve

Hilltop Rondavels

Between the Hluhluwe / Umfolozi gate and Hilltop Camp, the bushveld reminded us of life where man has not throttled nature. As the dusty road ascended to Hilltop I felt a Carpenters song coming on. “I’m on top of the world, looking down on creation…” tra la la.

Mum under Cabbage tree
With my Mum with us on a family trip for the first time, all joy was magnified in sharing it with her.

While we were mere visitors, the permanent residents, Nyala, Samango Monkeys and Crested Guinea Fowl were most gracious in accommodating our intrusion into their world.

Genet Samango MonekeyHilltop Nyala

At night a genet watched us from the bush just meters from our braai. Later bush babies paid a fleeting visit. 8 Year old Fjord described them as “Silent grey shapes, moving through the trees”.

Hilltop pool

Visiting the bush is so much more than mammals and the big 5. The scents, the warmth, the abundance of life, these resound in a spiritual abundance.

A walk along the trail within Hilltop camp, stretched our legs and brought small details into sharp focus.
A walk along the trail within Hilltop camp, stretched our legs and brought small details into sharp focus.

The accommodation costs at Hilltop Camp include a hearty buffet breakfast. Mum paid for supper one night. I was alarmed when seeing the price of R190 pp for the dinner buffet. I did wish that we had brought along a pre-cooked frozen meal to heat to save her the hefty bill on our second night.

Hluhluwe Waterbuck Picnic site

A short game viewing drive to a nearby picnic site was the perfect setting to enjoy a lunch. Only the dry river bed lowered our spirits.

Hilltop Flatcrown

Visiting Hluhluwe / Umfolozi game reserve is a rich and wonderful experience. It was even richer having finished reading the book Zululand Gold by Ian Tennant just days before our departure. If you’re new to Zululand I recommend reading Zululand Snow and Zululand Gold. Hmmm they should stock copies in the shop.

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  1. Oh we really want to go to Hluhluwe! And I loved Zululand snow . You will not believe it but I am busy listening to the Carpenters when I opened your blog (mostly due to my A singing “Close to you” last night to the tune of “Sweet Caroline”

  2. Absolutely stunning. I have wanted to go to Umfolozi ever since reading The Elephant Whisperer, but somehow never remember and always think of only Kruger area when it comes to Game Reserves.
    Stunning photos and lovely that you shared it all with your mother.
    Hope you ate your money’s worth at that price 😉

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