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Making fabric face masks

Cliff also wears his when working with the sander

I find it depressing that making face masks cropped up on my crafting agenda but we live in strange times.  I am a housewife with NO medical knowledge  and don’t know if masks make a difference with transmission of Covid19 but if there’s a chance that they do I’m going to take that chance.  I also don’t know to what degree fabric masks will make a difference but since it’s impossible to buy medical masks I feel that this has to be better than nothing, I guess different fabrics will be better than others.  At least if I sneeze in a shop the fellow patrons may be less likely to feel animosity.

I found this post by Craft Passion and her pattern is really awesome, it’s a great shape and fit, click on the link to print her pattern.  All fired up with enthusiasm I didn’t look at the instructions.  I therefore put mine together completely differently.  I didn’t have elastic cord but I did have 7mm elastic which I always have plenty of lying around.   I used bits of old fabric scraps but you can even cut up an old pillowcase or sheet.

NB  I cut the pattern on the exact lines on the pattern I did not add on extra for seams as the lady on Craft Passion does, I did however do all my stitching right on the edges and it worked perfectly.


2 x fabric pieces

2 x lining fabric pieces

2 x fusible interfacing (optional)

35 cm length of 7mm elastic (since the mask sizes differ, this size seems to fit all

24 (kids) to 27 cm (adults) 7mm length of elastic for bottom


This first step is optional but after making the masks a few times I feel that it is a great improvement.  Iron 2 pieces of fusible facing onto the wrong side of 2 pieces of lining, I feel that adding a 3rd and non woven layer to the masks should increase the level safety, it also makes them firmer and better at holding shape.   I also found that it is more comfortable having the firmer fabric with the facing against the face for breathing comfort.   Proceed with the pattern as follows

With right sides together stitch 2 pieces of fabric close to edge in zigzag or overlock stitch on curved edge. Repeat with the 2 lining pieces

With right sides together stitch fabric and lining together along top and bottom

Turn inside out so that stitching is on the inside. Fold in about 1cm along end and position elastic in place

On outside stitch ends closed with the elastic in place

mask done

Suddenly getting many requests for fabric masks



  1. Such a great idea and so many possibilities to suit all tastes! I shall bookmark this post and make masks with the girls later this week. We need an excuse to get the sewing machine out.

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