Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre – My favourite day outing in Gauteng


This week my Mum was visiting from Durban, I took her to my favourite place, the Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre.  It’s a long drive, about 100km from home in Boksburg but so worth the trip, the scenery in the area makes you feel that you are on a mini holiday.  The centre is only open on Wednesdays and the 1st Saturday of every month.  It is about 4 years since we last visited, 4 years too long!


As soon as we arrived, we went to the tea garden, the food is very reasonably priced and amazing!  After eating the most delicious and healthy food there you want to go home and eat nothing but similar foods with herbs.  There is only 1 thing I would change, the seating is all indoors, to me the beauty of a tea garden is sitting outdoors.


After eating we visited the shop and merrily bought gifts for eachother, Mum bought a bottle of salad oil and books for Cliff and I, Margaret Roberts “Herbal Teas” & “Tissue Salts“. (Links are to the e-books).  I bought Mum 2 jars of coulis & jam and Rose cologne which smells beautiful, just like real roses.  The lady helping us in the shop told us that the grand lady herself would sign our books as she was in the herb nursery.


We then headed to the herb nursery where I bought a ‘Tulsi’ otherwise known as ‘Sacred Basil’ which is a herb which I had heard Maragret Roberts talk highly about at a previous open day.   As promised Margaret Roberts herself was at the nursery and she graciously signed our books.  She certainly is the best advertisment for the benefits of herbs and healthy living, she positively glows.

Since our trip and reading through the books  I have been reminded to make more use of the lovely herb box which Cliff built for me.  Cliff was given a cup of lemon balm (Melisa) tea for a headache today.  Tonight the salad has chopped parsley, basil and chives in it.  The wonderful thing with herbs is that not only are they so good for you but they lift a meal from the ordinary to very special.

If you live in Gauteng you are really missing out if you don’t visit the Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre, it is a very special way to spend a day, and a lovely Mother & Daughter outing.

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