Mothering fail, I fed my children toxic rotten ham

This post is written for anyone who is searching the web in a panic about the results of consuming rotten, turned cold meat such as ham.  After my children ate putrid ham I was told that symptoms would display within 6 – 8 hours, fortunately my children survived my flawed parenting unscathed.  Incidentally the meat was used before the sell by date and had been kept cool.

Why can months pass at home without a medical drama, but let us leave the house and disaster strikes.  On our previous trip, during our lunch stop, Fjord stood on a rusty nail.  This time I fed the children ham which had taken a turn for the worse, that little piggy should not have left the market.  I was congratulating myself for packing a healthy padkos (food for the road).  Chicken salad rolls for Cliff and me, Gypsy ham for the children.  All packed in a lovely cold cooler box complete with ice bricks.

Sometimes I have my head in the clouds and don’t make lightning speed connections.  We parked in a lay by to enjoy our lunch, on opening the ham I noticed an offensive odour but discounted it as something manky in the nearby bush.  It was only on re-opening  the ham for seconds for the children that I connected the dots between the pungent smell and opening the pack of ham.  A wave of horror, nausea and panic flooded me.

In the next town we searched for an open pharmacy to no avail.  I tried to find charcoal tablets which are thought to absorb toxins but none were to be found.  All that I could do was feed the kids a banana and a yogurt each (I had read that both may be of help to prevent food poisoning), and say a prayer.

I had visions of spending the night at a hospital under dire circumstances, my children are clearly tougher than I imagined, my prayer was answered and they had absolutely no sign or symptom of food poisoning.

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  1. Don’t worry mine made me a sandwich with mouldy bread once, I’m still alive (although I only took one bite.)

  2. As someone said to my hubby, meat will only make you really ill long after you are unable to stomach it. So clearly it wasn’t that bad of the kids ate it.

    I’m glad they are good tough kids and that your road trip wasn’t ruined.

    Happy New Year!

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