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Photo’s, Pain and Past – Poetry


Obviously looking at old photographs, is not good for my psyche.  I wrote this last night after looking for photos for Fjord’s school project. Still the message is, you only have one life, each moment is invaluable.  I must always, at all times, live in the now and appreciate all.  Let the sun never set on a wasted day.  Cliche but true


The paper cut of time
Slices fingers
holding faded photographs
Today bleeding
over frozen yesterdays
past eyes
Are you living?
Really living?
Carpe Diem

Then I found this old untitled poem from 18/12/00.  It seems that the same metaphors haunt me repeatedly.

(sifting through old papers and things)

I am surrounded
By shards of pasts
The crystal ball exploded without future
I cut myself on the glass of now
Leaving more scars
To trace tomorrow
with sad fingers.


  1. amazing how the same themes are running through your mind at different times.

  2. Powerful words and so very true (ironically I am typing this with my fingers covered in plasters from literal paper cuts).

  3. This is so hauntingly beautiful Ursula!

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