Quick Halloween craft, bat candle jars

Halloween candle jar
Halloween candle jar

On Saturday we had a play date.  I don’t have a lot of outdoor activites to entertain the children and decided to get them to do a craft activity.  Halloween is this week and seemed a good theme idea.  These painted candle jars decorated with bats worked very well.


1 glass jar

1 tea light candle (or a short candle)

craft paint or glass glaze paint

paint brushes

black paper cut into bat shapes

craft glue


Paint the jars, we found that red and yellow paint worked best as the blue was a bit dark

stick on bats cut from black paper using craft glue

place a candle inside the jar

This craft idea would also work well for an October birthday party craft, I always like to do crafts at birthday parties as the children then take home what they have made instead of a party pack

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