Stepping stones – The path through relationships – Poem

My past is littered with failed relationships.  As a teen my grandmother told me that I was fickle, she was probably right.   I’m not going to try to analyse why I had such a very long string of boyfriends, fiancées, one night stands and one ex-husband.  I wrote this post on one aspect but was painfully aware that it only skimmed the surface.  I hope that my poor track record has been redeemed through being with my husband Clifford for 10 years now.  The names in the poem are real and some names have been left out or forgotten.   Yes I am embarrased by big chunks of my past, but the fact remains that each relationship is part of the sum of me.  I also feel that because I really and truely know what’s out there (the good and the bad) I shall never feel any hankering for what may be outside my marriage.  I’m satisfied that I am with the man who is the best fit for me,  I have multiple points of reference.


David, Ross and Marc

I clothed you in shimmering romance

but the music in my mind

Never matched the dance


Ken and Len

you took from me

Innocence and joy

you hurt and discarded me

a broken, unloved toy


Harry and Barry

you laughed with me

Offered no pretence

No promise of forever

respite from circumstance


Ian and Grant

you left me and

your children from my womb

but your leaving

left me stronger

that pain now a sealed tomb


Mike, Lance and John

You were a waste of time

I wish that I had known

That you weren’t worth a dime


Alex and Norman

I’m sorry

if I caused you pain

I didn’t mean to hurt you

but I’m sure that you loved again


Gavin you showed me a glimpse

of the girl before dreams died

Your noble spirit nurtured me

and I forgot to hide


and then my darling Clifford

you came when time was right

after storms had cleared

love’s morning followed night

the others were all


on my way to you

culmination of hearts journey

in search of right and true



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  1. What I love about your blog is your complete honesty in every post. You don’t pretend to have a ride into the sunset picnic perfect life, but your life experiences have made a life that is close enough to perfection and you don’t hide any flaws and imperfections from a world, especially an online world that is very filtered when it comes to imperfections.

  2. Amazing how the right guy comes along at the right time and the wrong ones teach us to appreciate what we have now.

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