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A little light in the darkness – pottery toadstool nightlight

After my epic parenting fail post about Fjord’s tick bite fever.  His Godmother Jo called to ask instruct me that my next post be a #winningatparenting one.  I broke my word because between our conversation and now our lives in SA were turned upside down and instead I changed the lyrics to the 80’s anti apartheid protest song “Give me …

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The joy of returning to Pottery classes at Brooks studio

I last went to pottery classes in Pinetown about 30 years ago.  I loved the craft and have missed playing with mud ever since.  When I moved to Jo’burg in 2000 I tried a few times to find a studio on the East Rand but was unsuccessful.  A few months ago I read the Katie Fford book Living Dangerously and …

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Ardmore Ceramics – There’s treasure in them thar hills

When I was a child, I had a certain connection with certain toys particularly some dolls.  I felt a bond, as if they were not inanimate objects.  I once found a R1 note and a quill feather in our garden shed, those two objects filled me with a sense of utter dread and I asked my parents to dispose of …

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