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SANRAL have overlooked those who wanted to pay e-tolls

SANRAL have a long list of problems. I wonder, do they recognise the dilemma of the un-tagged motorists who want to pay but can’t. There are drivers who are not tagged out of sheer defiance, flipping SANRAL the bird with a grin. There are another group who would like to pay, but they don’t want an e-tag. They refuse to …

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South African’s untited by SANRAL a common enemy

The e-tolls saga in Gauteng is depressing and frustrating in so many ways for so many reasons.  The implementation of this system has raised blood pressures across the board.  Yet this situation has left me with a ‘feel good’ sensation.  It seems that not only sporting euphoria can draw us together, this time a common cause has united us. For …

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It is not illegal not to have an e-tag

With Jacob Zuma signing the e-toll bill last week, many are now under the impression that it is now law to get an e-tag for the Gauteng roads affected by the tolls. Added to this comment from both SANRAL and government has recently been along the lines that citizens will buy into the toll road project because South Africans are …

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