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Hiking with small children in the Kogelberg biosphere nature reserve

Hiking sweeps cobwebs from the mind, casting off thought strands which harvest nothing but dust.  With every step on the Kogelberg Palmiet trail, summer blooms revealed delicate beauty. Previously in the Western Cape we undertook the hike to Elephant’s Eye cave, a breathtaking (literally and physically) activity.  With Acacia then only 3 years old, this was a blot on the page …

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Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve Gauteng, 30 min drive escape from home

We love to get out at least once over a weekend, if we lurk around the house over weekends it just doesn’t feel like a break from the norm.  Visiting Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve is the perfect weekend outing. We can leave home at mid-day have a picnic or braai and hike and be home before sunset.  At the picnic sites …

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