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Today I must have heard a bit of a pop song on the radio, I have no idea what the words were but I walked around singing something to a similar rhythm and made up my own words.  So here is a love poem to my husband written to the tune of something that I’m darned sure he would never ... Read More »

Did Valentines disappointments make a slut of me?

This morning as my 5 year old set off to school blissfully unaware that it is Valentines Day, I thought back on my childhood.  I’m not in favour of schools making a fuss of the day.  They do, it’s a great fundraising springboard, kids pay x amount to send cards to each other.  You can see the problem here, can’t ... Read More »

Lost in You

I wore your unwashed T shirt Wrapped in your feral scent Invoked you to claim my dreams Respite from parting’s lament In that dreamscape garden You held me once again Reality’s curtain torn Sweet joy, bittersweet pain At dawn I shed your garment Ready to be me The fetters of darkness loosed I answered the call to be free Read More »

Don’t be gone Spartacus

UPDATE – Marc passed away in April 2016, it’s been hard to process his death Over the past 10 years Marc (Spartacus) and I have maintained superficial contact with the odd e-mail and facebook interactions.  We met when he was about 24, hopefully he turned 50 this month.  He now lives (lived?) in England and I in South Africa.  He ... Read More »