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Addressing the Carnage on South Africa’s Roads

Introduction It is well-known that South Africa has one of the highest road accident death rates in the world.  Although up-to-date and reliable statistics are hard to come by, it is widely appreciated that in excess of 11 000 people die annually on South Africa’s roads.  In fact some sources indicate that annually road accident deaths in South Africa exceed ... Read More »

The decline and stagnation of talk radio 702?

UPDATE – We no longer listen to 702, I’m allergic to Eusebius and can’t risk hearing his voice if I forget to change stations.  My life is happier with more music This is a guest post written by my husband.  I agree with most of the points which he makes although I would be a bit kinder to Jenny of ... Read More »

When a life equals a handbag, we must worry

“I read the news today, oh boy”  What shattered my spirit was not the story about a woman who drove over a smash and grabber, it is very likely that under the same circumstances I would have acted as she did.   but the comments below the article broke my heart.  To quote a few : “Hi hope he dies…SLOWLY and ... Read More »

Racism brewed in an enamel mug

As I looked at the enamel cup bought for measuring out the bird food, I reflected on the previous most common use for enamel coated tin mugs.  They were for the use of domestic servants, who generally did not share the family crockery although they very often lived in an out-building on the property.   The simple mug suddenly encapsulated the ... Read More »

A smokers lament

When I started smoking as a teen I wanted to fit in.  I continue to smoke now because I don’t want to fit in.  Every fibre of me rejects the over sanitized, airbrushed bullshit around me. In the 80’s more people smoked, but there was less self harm, of course humans did bad, stupid stuff but there was more honesty ... Read More »

Not gunning for a Dale Carnegie award

** please don’t click ‘like’ if you’re not bothered to open a post ** I was quite mystified when a few times after posting a blog I would see that a few people had ‘liked’ the post but my stats showed 0 views yet.  Then I noticed on the reader page that you can ‘like’ a post without actually clicking ... Read More »

Political correctness is insulting

I have a big problem with political correctness, in my view it highlights differences more than anything.  It also creates stress and tension as people have become afraid to address others in case they get it wrong. In South Africa most white South Africans have a deep sense of shame due to Apartheid even though most of us did not ... Read More »