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Leopard Rock Coffee Shop – Restaurant with the best view in South Africa

Cliff and I have travelled South Africa extensively, there are few towns which we have not passed through or visited.  Throughout our travels I cannot think of a restaurant with a view to rival Leopard Rock Coffee Shop’s, make no mistake there are some stunners but this one is super special.  The panorama of Oribi Gorge is breathtaking.  If you …

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The crowning glory of Rustic Cottage at Oribi Gorge

The giant flat-crown, crowns my memory of Rustic Cottage at Oribi Gorge.  Her limbs a tapestry of wood and light.  A marriage of permanence and elusive elements.  At sunset her dark silhouette stood firm against sunset’s fire.  What tales she could tell at our campfire.  She who has seen countless seasons, she is memory and she is now. Rustic cottage …

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