The bulk of June 21 in brief

I don’t know where June went to but it’s almost done and dusted. The highlight was our short trip to the Kruger Park, now I have a sinister feeling that Cyril is under pressure to lock us up, down and sideways again.

A lady in our community gave Fjord seeds for Lecoto peppers which are very unusual, the fleshy fruit and the striking black seeds make them unique. From online descriptions I thought that they would be too hot but it was perfect added to my Indian Butter Chicken
Fjord hand carved a scoop to measure out fish food
Scones are a perennial favorite. My Mother’s recipe remains my favourite
Uh oh, here we go the beginning of getting nothing done, meals being served at bed time and everything else falling by the wayside
This orchid has been brought inside for us to enjoy
I love learning something new. A ballet friend had new leg warmers which looked so pretty, I decided that I wanted to knit some for Acacia. All of the patterns which I looked at were knitted in the round with no seam. I watched several videos on how to do this. At first I was ll thumbs and it felt like I was making a total dogs breakfast of it but now I’m about half way through the 2nd one and it gets easier the more I practice. Here is a link to the pattern which I made up

This is just a little wicked of me. Here’s my song for this post. Remember the Douglas Adams reference to a hot potato. When I first saw it I thought that it was satire. This is disturbing on so many levels, the silver lining is many very funny comments which at least show that not all are blind to propaganda. Comments like these had me crying with laughter “So this is what Dante’s Eighth Circle of Hell looks like.” “Are you guys even TRYING to make good propaganda? This is embarrassing”

I’m sorry that was bad of me, here’s another one to wash that out of your mind

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