The Wine Cellar Rosetta – Wine and the best flavoured coffees

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When driving through Rosetta in the Natal Midlands there is one place where we always have to stop.  There is no choice in the matter.  That place is The Wine Cellar.  The cosy wine cellar housing special wines has magnetic allure, however this is not the reason why we must stop.  When we have space in the car and time to have a good mosey around we do buy wine, when we don’t I still need to stock up on flavoured coffees.  My favourite is ‘French Vanilla’ but I also get ‘English Toffee’, ‘Amarula Cream’ and whatever else appeals on the day.  It’s a crisis when we run out before the next midlands trip.

Back home I summon the midlands to my Gauteng kitchen with the smell of coffee brewing.  The olfactory link to my home province warms the soul.

I recommend The Wine Cellar to anyone passing through the area.  The wine selection is hand-picked on trips to the Cape.  They are wonderful people with a contagious passion for what they do.  Despite the fact that we only visit once or twice a year Margie always remembers us and is so warm and friendly.  If your priority is not wine you just have to try the flavoured coffees (or buy both), be prepared for many return trips.  Just give me a shout if you’re going I may need you to bring me a bag of coffee.

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