Toasted Tuna Mayonnaise with bells on

Healthy Tuna Mayo on toast

This is one of those ‘recipes’ which I do so often that I forget to put it up here.  I don’t really like ordinary Toast with Tuna fish and Mayonnaise, I find it a bit heavy and boring.  My Mum always did hers like this and I love it.  This makes a very healthy lunch.  You can also use plain yogurt if you aren’t keen on mayo, this also makes it even lighter and fresher.

Other than the tuna all the other ingredients are optional, I just use a few each time (whatever is handy in the fridge), this keeps the meal varied and interesting.  Cliff comes home from work for lunch every day and he gets this at least twice a week.

Chop all fruit, veg or pickles quite finely.  There are no instructions as such, simply choose from the ingredients below, mix and match, give it a stir and serve on toast or crackers.


1 tin tuna fish, drained

± 30 ml Mayo or plain yogurt or a mix of the 2

Onion or spring onion



Finely grated carrot

bean sprouts



Pickled gherkins


Fresh herbs






any berries

Crumbled feta or grated cheese



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  1. oh I remember your tuna combo very well! way to delicious to not have put on your blog!

  2. Tuna mayo with shredded lettuce is my best sandwich filling and sometimes I add chopped tomato and cucumber. Must try the other ingredients sometime

  3. What a brilliant idea! Plain ol’ tuna and mayo can be so boring.

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