A magical time at the show Fairy Dust with Vicus Cruywagen

Fjord on stage

What is childhood without a little magic.  In 2013 when Fjord was 6 he wanted to go to a magic show.  I bought tickets for an illusionist show over an hour’s drive from home.  I gave myself a great parenting pat on the back, but oh what an epic fail.  The show was fun for adults but not in the least geared toward children.  You would not have wanted to be in the car with us on the interminable drive home.  Fjord expressed his utter disgruntlement for the entire journey, and boy was he disgruntled.


This time when I booked for Vicus Crywagen’s show ‘Fairy Dust’ I got it right in a line of cherries, flashing lights parenting jackpot.  Fairy Dust is beyond excellent.  Fjord sat grinning from ear to ear with his mouth hanging open for the duration of the show.  He even had a turn going on stage as an assistant from the audience.  Despite being a children’s show big sister Domi and I were crying with laughter at the humour.

If I join the PTA this year I will certainly suggest that Vicus come to the school to perform ‘Fairy Dust’ as a fund raising event.  Domi is a school teacher and wants to do the same at her primary school.  If you follow Vicus on Facebook or check out his website look out for a performance near you.  You can only be delighted and score big time parenting bonus points.

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  1. That face says it all ☺pure fun and happiness

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