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My journal – most of November 2021

Having children at home means a lot less time to keep this page up to date but the phrase “me time” has an oily, plastic feel to it. There will just be more to cover this time around. We made these choc chip muffins, they were good. Very slight changes used 1 cup milk and added 1 tsp vanilla The ... Read More »

Week ending 7 Nov 2021

Our current audio book is Pyramids, I’ll start with a quote from that. “The role of listeners has never been fully appreciated. However, it is well known that most people don’t listen. They use the time when someone else is speaking to think of what they’re going to say next. True Listeners have always been revered among oral cultures, and ... Read More »

For everything there is a season week ending 1/11/21

This week I made a rather sad decision to take a break from pottery classes, however with that came a sense of peace. Those few hours were always a centre of calm and joy in the midst of the week. A time when I could loose myself in the creative process, but it became stressful, having to wear a mask ... Read More »

Not much to show for week ending 24 October 2021

We are already almost done with Wyrd Sisters audio book, this one built on my favourite Shakespearean play Macbeth. “Trouble is, just because things are obvious doesn’t mean they’re true.”― Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters I’m almost done reading Earthly Powers by Anthony Burgess. Prior to this I was only aware of his brilliant Clockwork Orange. It has taken me about ... Read More »

Unplugged and connected tranquility in Mabibi

This may be a travel record but I must still start with Pratchett quotes, we listened to I Shall Wear Midnight on audio book while driving. I love these books so much, they are very funny and contain pools of eternally reflected wisdom. “Roland was staring at Tiffany, so nonplussed he was nearly minused.”― Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight ... Read More »

Week ending 26 September 2021

I don’t seem to have many pics for this week, it was less busy than average. The children went to try out Karate lessons and thoroughly enjoyed the classes. One of my favourite flowers. The daffodils are in bloom all of a sudden we have a few ripe strawberries. Not sure if this message is too obscure, sometimes what is ... Read More »

Week ending 19 September 2021

Quote for the week from our current audio book ““I hate cats.”Death’s face became a little stiffer, if that were possible. The blue glow in his eye sockets flickered red for an instant.“I SEE,” he said. The tone suggested that death was too good for cat haters.”― Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters Last week sure was busy. Fjord did his Grade ... Read More »

Week ending 12 September 2021

Lets start on the right foot with a quote from Sourcery which we finished listening to this week. “They suffered from the terrible delusion that something could be done. They seemed prepared to make the world the way they wanted it or die in the attempt, and the trouble with dying in the attempt was that you died in the ... Read More »