My journal – most of November 2021

Having children at home means a lot less time to keep this page up to date but the phrase “me time” has an oily, plastic feel to it. There will just be more to cover this time around.

We made these choc chip muffins, they were good. Very slight changes used 1 cup milk and added 1 tsp vanilla
The children went for a swim at a friend’s house. They put dry ice in the pool which added extra fun
Fjord shot straight into orbit when I took them to Sweet Beat bulk party store on North Rand Road in Boksburg. His favourite ‘chips’ are Go Slos and Pop Shots. I let him go wild and buy because I know that they will last.
For various reasons I haven’t been in Benoni on Saturday mornings for ages. This Saturday I discovered Jerry’s Cafe on Pretoria Rd, and it was another good one. With no exception all chain store alternatives have had a better feel and prices have been on a par. I always choose the most basic breakfast with a cappuccino and the bill is consistently in the region of R70. After reading Earthly Powers for months I am currently reading the poetry of Roy Campbell. Loving his work.
We attended the World Wide Freedom demonstration in Pretoria. Well over 100 cities around the world took part.
Brought home a marbled soap dish from the pottery studio. The effect is done wedging white and brown clay together.
I’m quite annoyed that after so long and so many mugs I am most happy with my work at the same time that I’ve chosen to take a break from pottery. One big mistake which I made in the past was handles which were too big

Like most people in SA this blerry new variant is on my mind. To all intents and purposes it seems to be more mild and similar to a common cold. Media and politicians are hyping it to the max. From my understanding no virus has ever mutated to become more dangerous, it seems that with mutation they become more transmissible but less deadly. Even the Spanish flu which killed between 20 and 50 million people was done and dusted in under 2 years. What’s going on now feels a lot more like psychological warfare than a pandemic. I’m not going any further down this dark bs rabbit hole today.

This last weekend was crazy busy, this season of peace, joy and love most often feels like a whirlwind. Friday night we got home from scouts at 11.30. Sat morning Fjord had rehearsal before 9am and I got to chill at Jerry’s. In the afternoon I made a Swiss roll with Acacia. Fjord went to another music rehearsal and a friend joined us for supper. Sunday Fjord had to be at a church at 8.30 to practice before a Christmas carol service, were he played with his music teacher and a lady on guitar. I then rushed off to read at our church at 11. Had 2 hours at home to do 3 loads of laundry and clean a bit. Ran Fjord to Alberton to practice with the orchestra before another carol service which began at 6pm and we got home close to 8. From now it will all start winding down.

I’ll end on a note about synchronicity. A road near to the church last night was called Roy Campbell street. On Saturday during the day I listened to some Afrikaans music (unusual for me) Hillbrow is so soulful it made my eyes prick with tears. A boemelaar (hobo) is mentioned in the song and I also listed to a song titled Boemelaar. I’ll share both below. When John came for supper in the evening he mentioned a Boemelaar who had come to his house.

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