For everything there is a season week ending 1/11/21

This week I made a rather sad decision to take a break from pottery classes, however with that came a sense of peace. Those few hours were always a centre of calm and joy in the midst of the week. A time when I could loose myself in the creative process, but it became stressful, having to wear a mask for almost 3 hours non stop and listening to little other than Covid talk put my head in the wrong place. It’s just not the season to be there right now, I’d love to go back in the future, and Cliff is looking at the option of buying a wheel and kiln. I’ve given a months notice and will be doing a few last projects during November.

It is very nice to have children who are keen to help around the house. Acacia varnished the sunroom doors
Carnivorous plants are such fun, the pitcher plants lure many flies. Sat and watched this one edge slowly into the abyss. There is so much that we don’t know about the living world around us. I find it fascinating that the moment I reach for the fly zapper indoors they vanish. How do they sense danger? Watching the flies on the pitchers they edge around the outside and top for ages as if sensing peril.
A parent at scouts is growing and selling oyster mushrooms, they are beautiful and have a unique flavour
Made Rose geranium scones, this time did 2 things differently used very soft room temp butter and only cut in and mixed with a knife instead of with machine. The result was lighter and fluffier than usual
I made a cheat dress for Acacia, she wanted to dress as an elf for Halloween but I had very little time for sewing. Bought a T shirt which I cut off and sewed on gathered green satin. It took under an hour to make and cost R70 win win
Acacia found this video and we made lollipop ghosts with marshmallow fondant
The East Rand Youth Orchestra held a picnic performance at Bottom of Boden in Benoni. A very happy and relaxing afternoon. I lay on the grass during the performance and was suffused with the joy at the wonderful scent of grass, after loosing my sense of smell in Dec 20, each step of returning senses fills me with appreciation for what was most often taken for granted. The smell of grass is rich in life and emotion
Yesterday was election day, I am under no illusions about my vote making a jot of difference but it felt good to vote with my heart anyway. Excuse my gardening finger nail. Got a few things planted

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