Big spoils at My Little Pony The movie, premiere

The first thing that Acacia ever bought for herself was a box set of My Little Pony books

Being invited to the premiere of My Little Pony The movie will live on in Acacia’s (age 7) memory for a very long time.  She started the day drawing ponies and couldn’t wait to head off to the cinema at Monte Casino.

The last movie that we saw on the big screen was Smurfs, so long ago that Acacia had no memory of the event.  As the screen lit up my first thought was “Oooh I’d forgotten how great it is to watch something on the big screen.”  Note to self, must go to cinema more often.  We loved My Little Pony, The Movie, although it could have had a slightly more creative title.  The core values presented resonated with me and I thought to myself that this is the sort of viewing which I am more than comfortable with her enjoying.  Acacia jabbered all the way home, she said she would give it 10 out of 10.  The pirates were her favourite new characters.

Back home Acacia spent the rest of the day playing with her My Little Pony toys.



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  1. We loved it too! My son is also a ponies fan. :0

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