‘Five Quarters of the Orange’, soars like a kite on a taut string

This afternoon I watched my son fly a kite, pure joy soared observing a flutter of colour held aloft by a taut string.  Last night I stayed up late to finish reading “Five Quarters Of the Orange” by Joanne Harris.  Reading this book was a lot like watching that kite dancing in the blue.  Thoughts, metaphors and beauty soar above all mediocrity.  My mind danced on the thermal waves of elevated literature.  The thread of tension which runs through the story from start to finish holds tight like a kite string, or a fishing line waiting to catch “‘Old Mother”, one of many great literary devices in the book. 

The story is set in a village in France during the German occupation, that’s as much of the plot as I’m willing to share, I don’t want to spoil the adventure for you. 

The writing is the rare beautiful combination of easy, page turning reading brought to life by the brilliant artistry.  If I could eat her words I would, they are delicious!  I have seen the movie “Chocolat” but never read a Joanne Harris book before.  I bought “Five Quarters of the Orange” at a second-hand book stall, years ago, how strange that I was unaware of sharing my home with such a noble guest until I plucked her from hiding in the bookshelf.  I will be seeking out other Joanne Harris books very soon. 

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  1. Hi Sula, I’ve read just about all of Joanne Harris’s books – I even have her recipe book. They are all masterpieces of wordcraft – every single one is worth reading.

  2. What a beautiful metaphor you have constructed here! Just lovely 🙂

  3. Sula, i’m basking in the starkly beautiful image of your dear son, his kite catching at the wind. simply lovely. x tony

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