Thank You Gumtree for the special stationery
Thank You Gumtree for the special stationery

Saturday was a special day. It was my first meet-up with other South African Mom Blogs members. Initially I felt some apprehension. I wanted to attend because it is vital to be open to new people and experiences. A comfort zone is a small cramped space. However I worried if this would be a kind of pissing contest. Would I feel not writer enough? Not good enough Mum? On arrival at the Free Range lifestyle centre, trepidation gave way to one big smile. The faces around me were alive with intelligence and good humour.

I expected the talks to be a little dull, providing time when I could slip into a daydream, but they held no space for reverie.  The speakers surprised me, presenting interesting content with savvy energy and humour. Hours, and days later I was still processing what I had heard. Articles for Skimming Stones are always handwritten before being typed out. I prefer the feel of a pen in my hand and this method forces at least 1 edit in transcription. Today I am writing in the notebook sponsored by Gumtree. I am not lying on my bed getting a crick in my neck, or slouched over the table. I am standing writing at the kitchen counter. During her talk on the importance of movement Georgie from The Exercise is Medicine Institute highlighted the health benefits of standing as opposed to sitting. Stressing how beneficial it is to take 5 minute breaks for every hour of sitting. She even mentioned that there is a drive to introduce standing desks at schools.

The Rolls Royce of Kids Sunglasses
The Rolls Royce of Kids Sunglasses

During the break, The Lot restaurant provided delicious snacks while Zule and Tanya shared a presentation on their project Sunglasses at School and Real Kids sunglasses which are the Rolls Royce of kids sunglasses. I will be writing a separate article about the sunglasses.

The best salad dressing ever
The best salad dressing ever

Thank you to The Lot for the Asian Salad dressing in our goodie bags, it is the most delicious salad dressing I have tasted. I used it with our tuna salad supper that evening. I will be returning to buy more for myself and to give to friends and family.

Integrative medicine Dietician from The Health & Lifestyle consultancy, Nicqui Grant, gave a fascinating talk. Her comments regarding GM foods and pesticides provided much food for thought. On return home, I announced to Cliff that I think we should consider taking up the Amish life.

I loved interacting with the other Mum bloggers, their company left me feeling energised and mentally fuelled. The warmth of honest exchange filled the space which we occupied.

Olive Branch boats Olive Branch potatoes

Over the coming days I will write separate articles about certain aspects of the day. Including the brilliant children’s food demo presented by Margy Vally of the Olive Branch Cooking School. Thank you Margy for hosting our gathering and for sharing your lovely ideas!

Tangled Tree

When the first red wine weather arrives I will tell you about the Tangled Tree Chocolate Cab Sav which was part of our goodie bags.  A special thank you to Laura of Harassed Mom and Heather of SA Mom Blogs and One step at a Time, they put in a lot of hard work to make the day the success which it was. Thank you to all those who sponsored items for our goodie bags. Fjord loved the healthy organic smoothie from Ella’s kitchenNot Bread Alone and Exquisite Tastes, the treats were yummy!

Fresh Culture Cafe CoffeeIMG_4289

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary and my husband woke up early to make me a cappuccino.  He ground the beans given to us by Fresh Culture Craft Coffee Roastery, it was delicious!

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  1. Happy anniversary! I was great meeting you on Saturday 🙂 Can’t wait for the next meetup

  2. Happy Anniversary Sula, may you and Cliff have a lifetime of Happy Anniversaries.
    Looks like you had a great time on Saturday and what lovely gifts. I love stationery and notebooks and scribbling pads and absolutely hate writing as in with pen and paper crazy I know

  3. Happy happy anniversary! And loved meeting you

  4. So glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 Looks like you’re getting mileage out of that goody bag.

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