My Big Fat Book outing – Zapiro Booklaunch “My Big Fat Gupta Wedding”

Zapiro Autograph

I haven’t been to a Zapiro Book launch since the launch of “Pirates of Polokwane” at Constitution hill a few years ago.  When I saw that tonight was the launch of “My Big Fat Gupta Wedding” I knew that a babysitter, and birdsitter would be needed, my eldest daughter Domi rose to the occasion with good grace. 

l love books and it is a joy to enter the world of a true wordsmith yet Zaprio epitomises the saying “A picture paints a thousand words”.  His cartoons cut straight to the heart of the truth which he seeks to reveal.  His razor sharp skill reflects the thoughts and feelings which often defy the constraint of words and the images resonate with our thoughts and feelings.  His cartoons are funny, poignant and often irreverent but always stark in their raw honesty.  I love listening to Jonathan Shapiro speak, his insight and wit are stimulating and thought provoking, and of course he is funny.  I have always had the view that high intelligence and humour are wedded. 

Standing in front of us at the book launch was none other than Zwelinzima Vavi, he is a very tall man and radiates a strong presence.  I have always held him in high regard and was warmed to see that he had the good grace to laugh at the cartoons directed at him. 

Cliff bought me a copy of “My Big Fat Gupta Wedding” which Jonathan Shapiro signed with a smile.  Darn I was in such a rush to leave the house I forgot to take my camera along with me, oh well we will have to go to the launch of next years collection. 

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