PnP Kids Foam Blast

UPDATE : 2018, it seems that this product is no longer available

PnP Strawberry Foam Blast PnP kids foam

Sometimes I really like to share when I find a great new product.  PnP Foam Blast is my kids product of the month.  A while ago my Mum told me that my nieces in Durban love the PnP Foam Blast.  I had not noticed it in the Pick n Pay stores but found it at my local store an a shelf  near the bubble baths.  I have bought 3 different ones so far the Strawberry, Peach and Kiwi & Melon.  The children (aged 3 & 6) absolutely love it!  They each get a squirt of  foam in the hand and have fun washing themselves.  Sometimes I bath with them and use it too, I don’t use regular soap then as I don’t want their eyes to sting.  It has a lovely silky feel and seems very gentle on the skin.  Now I just need to find a grown up self foaming body wash for myself.

The current price of this product is R27.99 at Pick n Pay

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  1. That looks quite nice! I must check if my local pnp has it!

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