slime recipe (Acacia´s second blog post)

ingredients :

Borax powder

Polyvinyl alcohol

food coloring (optional)

glitter (optional)

mix 2% borax with hot water stir until the borax is dissolved you can put it in a bottle or container. Then in another container mix 4%   Polyvinyl alcohol with hot water this will take a bit longer to mix into the water. Next put this into another bottle.

Now you can pour some of the polyvinyl alcohol mix into a bowl or something else to mix the slime in now you can put in your food coloring and glitter if you want now add a tiny bit of the borax in at a time and mix well you can stop when your slime is thick enough for you. keep your slime  in a container so it doesn’t dry out.


We discovered that the polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) actually takes ages to dissolve. I think in the end we left it a few days.

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