‘Why Africa Fails’ – Elly Twineyo-Kamugisha

Why Africa Fails

“There is a need for media and education campaigns to educate citizens about the benefits of patriotism, because the love for one’s country is crucial in national development.”

I heard about the book “Why Africa Fails” when Jenny Crwys Williams interviewed the author Elly Twineyo-Kamugisha on her book show.  Normally I do not read non-fiction but I was interested in what he had to say and wanted to read further.  I have never read a thesis but imagine that it would be a similar read.  Much of the content is common sense but the author provides much food for thought. He also puts forward good ideas for solutions.

A strong point made is that aid is not a solution and in fact contributes to the problem. He feels strongly that the begging bowl mentality needs to be replaced by real and practical moves to achieve economic goals and that leaders should take positive steps toward growth. He points a scathing finger at leaders who rob their countries and people through self-enrichment at the expense of all.

I found the chapters on colonisation, corruption, population strategies and education very interesting, some sections went a bit over my head but on the whole the book is very readable.

The author also stressed the importance of a savings culture and I completely agree with his thoughts on this.

Africa has the resources to be a great and thriving continent and I would love to see the potential turned into reality.

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