10 mins to write a poem – Reasons

Today was a wonderful stimulating day at the POWA women’s writing workshop.  Creative energy is a joy to be part of.  Today we did various exercises which were fun and pushed us beyond mental boundaries.  What struck me most is how quickly people bond in a positive space.  Writing is often a solitary pursuit but it is also a medium through which we share our thoughts and feelings, in doing so we create bonds with those who would otherwise be strangers.

One exercise was to take a word from an envelope and write a poem with this as the prompt.  The words were cut from magazines.  We then had 10 minuets to write a poem using the word.  The resulting prose and poetry was a delight to share.  My word was ‘Reasons’.

Her nature was to apologise

Expecting to be wrong

Her first words so often “I’m sorry”

Didn’t know how to be strong

Feeling she must always give reasons

Provide excuses and proof

When all that is expected

Is honesty and truth

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow when we will be working on the theme for this year “Perfectly Imperfect”.  I am also looking forward to more glimpses into the spirits of these dynamic ladies.

For those who did not see my previous post, here is a link to the post about submissions for this years anthology.

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