A fairytale stay at the Arts Centre’s tower in Nieu Bethesda


Some things cannot fail to enchant the inner child.  Sleeping in a tower ranks way up there.  Staying in the tower at the Nieu Bethesda Arts Centre was magical.  We shuffled in, wet clothing clinging to us during a rare Karoo downpour.

stained glass stained glass close

The lovely lady who greeted us, brought towels and led us into the adjoining priory lounge for a cup of tea.  Soft coloured light filters into the lounge through stained glass windows, procured from a church in England.

Grape vines laden with fruit wind up the outer staircase.

round bed (2)

A friendly cat slept on the edge of our circular bed.

As romantic as sleeping in a tower is, practicality is not a selling point.  The bathroom downstairs houses a tiny shower.  The tower is self catering accommodation, the cooking facility being a braai.  The Arts Centre restaurant’s kitchen is at the base of the tower and staff kindly allowed us to store a few things in their fridge.

Before leaving Cliff bought me this beautiful cushion cover, made at the Arts Centre

Nieu Bethesda is a a small town with a big heart.  One night is not enough to take in all that the town has to offer.  During our too brief visit, we visited The Owl House, The Kitching Fossil Exploration Centre and the  Brewery and Two Goats Deli.  The children loved the fossil tour where we were shown fossils still embedded in rock at a nearby site.  At the Brewery and Deli sitting under trees sipping craft beer or cider is something that should not be rushed.  Cliff enjoyed a cheese platter and Fjord said that the salami was the best ever.

NB – Note there is no petrol station in Nieu Bethesda, don’t go in on the whiff of an oil rag like we did, we almost didn’t make it to the next town to fill up.  There are also no banks so it is best to go in with some cash as not all places have credit card facilities


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  1. The owl house in itself is such a wonderful experience. Next time we will spend more time there

  2. Wow you and your family find real gems when you go away. That tower looks so quaint – stunning

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