Kiaat Cake Pops board
Kiaat Cake Pops board

Every time that I have made cake pops, the biggest hassle has been standing them upright while the chocolate coating or icing sets.  In the past I’ve jammed them into a sliced watermelon or polystyrene, but not been entirely happy.  My husband Clifford, learned woodwork from his father who was a carpenter by trade.  Cliff has made some beautiful items for our home, I asked him to make me a cake pop board to hold 20 cake pops.  The result is a really beautiful kiaat board.  Cake pops are pretty fiddly, I only make them 2 or 3 times a year.  When turned over to the side without holes, the 32 cm x 25 cm size makes a great chopping board.  Cliff has agreed to make them to order, at a price of R200 per board.  If you want a different size to hold a different number just let me know and he can work out a different price.  The tricky part is how to get orders to you, I live in Gauteng in Boksburg, if you are not in the area we would have to charge extra for postage.  If you would like one (or more), drop me a message via the Skimming Stones Facebook page.

Kiaat Cake Pop board cake pops close up

Serving the cake pops on the board is also so much more attractive than shoving them into styrene.

Thank you Cliff for making this so beautifully for me.

A few cake pop tips

  • Don’t try to fix the stick in the cake pop with icing, it doesn’t work.  Only chocolate or easy melts work
  • When the sticks are in place pop them in the freezer to set and freeze the cake
  • Freezing the cakes before coating means that they are less likely to fall apart or come off the stick.

If you have any other cake pop tips please share them in the comments section below, I am still a novice and eager to learn more

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  1. This is such a great idea!
    I use empty egg boxes to stand my cake pops in while the chocolate hardens, but this is a much more beautiful solution! And how lovely that Cliff does woodwork – my father and both grandfathers were very skilled woodworkers, it’s lovely to know that the craft is not dying out.

  2. What a lovely idea. I have never made cake pops. If it comes with a side note of patience required, I decline 🙂

    • They do come with patience, unless I’m more inept than average. The first 2 batches last year were more miss than hit

  3. I tried to visit the Facebook page but didn’t find a place to leave a message. I am interested in purchasing a cake pop stand.I actually have something g bigger in mind. If you could send me your email adres I could send you the photo.hope that you can help me.

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