Chocolate Marbled Black Cherry Fridge Cheesecake

The ingredients for this Chocolate Marbled Black Cherry  cheesecake are expensive but it’s worth the cost for the reward of a very special treat.  An added bonus is that the recipe is egg free which means that my egg allergic son can eat it (provided that egg free biscuits are used in the crumb base).

Before you start, please note the very important tips for using gelatine, if you don’t follow these instructions you will have yucky strings or blobs of gelatine and it won’t set properly.

  • Ingredients from the fridge must be brought to room temperature.  When you add the gelatine, the temperature of the gelatine and the temperature of the other ingredients must be almost exactly the same.
  • Do NOT boil the gelatine, the heating to dissolve it must be gentle.


200 g biscuit crumbs

60 ml choc chips (optional)

70 g melted butter

60 ml water

15 ml gelatine

500 g cream cheese (or smooth cottage cheese)

5 ml Vanilla essence

125 ml castor sugar

250 ml cream, whipped

about 40 g dark chocolate


1 Tin black cherries, drained (reserve juice)

1 Tbsp Kirsch or cherry liqueur (optional)

1 Tbsp cornflour


Line pan with baking paper

Combine biscuits, butter and choc chips in a food processor and press crumbs evenly over the base of a 20 cm pan.  Use the back of a spoon to press down and spread evenly

Place water in a small cup or bowl and sprinkle with gelatine, stand in a larger container or hot water (not on the stove) until dissolved.

Beat Cream cheese, vanilla essence and sugar with an electric beater, until smooth.  Beat in gelatine, adding slowly.  Fold in 200 ml of the whipped cream.

Add chocolate to 50 ml of cream and heat in microwave until melted.

Pour half the cream cheese mix over the crumb base, pour over half of the melted choc mix and swirl it in with a knife.  Add remaining cream cheese mix and pour remaining melted choc over the top, swirl in with a knife.

Refrigerate in the tin until set, roughly 4 hours


Thicken the cherry juice (and Kirsch if using) with cornflour over a very low heat.

Add cherries, allow to cool

Remove the cheesecake from the pan and pour over cheesecake

Store in the refrigerator

** Tip, to cut cheesecake, dip a knife in boiling water and wipe knife off with paper towelling between slices




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