Spinach and Corn cheese muffins recipe

This recipe is an adaptation from the recipe for Cheese muffins with ham and corn in the book Angela Day Favourites. I made a few changes including changing the flour used. You can play plenty with the recipe, add ham, bacon, chillis, mushrooms or whatever you think will work.

250 ml (1 Cup) Cake flour
250 ml (1 Cup) brown bread flour
15 ml baking powder
5 ml mustard
3 ml chilli powder
3 ml salt
250 ml corn (frozen or fresh)
300 ml chopped spinach
250 ml milk
100 ml oil
1 egg

Combine flour, cheese, baking powder, mustard, chilli powder, corn and spinach.  Mix well

In a jug combine  milk, oil and egg, mix well

Add liquid to other ingredients, mix to a stiff dough.  Do not over mix rather knead toward the end.  

Spoon into greased muffin tins bake at 200º C for 20 min or until golden

These muffins freeze well, either defrost at room temperature or warm in the oven

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