Custard Slices with Cream Crackers

Custard slice Custard Slices with cream crackers

I’m typing my recipe on here because recently I lost it for a few months (all my recipes are on index cards and I have been known to mislay them).  This recipe was given to me by a work colleague Dorene about 10 years ago and it is a big hit in my home.  They are easy to make and the filling is deliciously creamy.  I have been known to use a batch as bait to lure my older children around for a visit.  Yesterday I made them to take to a housewarming party at my eldest Daughter’s new home.



1 packet cream crackers                                                                        ICING

1 litre milk                                                                                               400 ml Icing Sugar

250 ml sugar                                                                                           50 ml water

60 ml (50 grams) margarine or butter

120 ml corn flour

100 ml flour

10 ml custard powder

2 ml salt

100 ml cold water

3 eggs separated

5 ml vanilla essence

500 ml icing sugar

about 40 ml water


Lay half the crackers in a square or rectangular dish (about 35 x 25 x 5 cm), the lines must follow in the same direction

Heat milk in a big pot until boiling point

Add sugar and butter, stir until melted

Remove from heat

Mix flour, corn flour, custard, salt and cold water

Add egg yolk and mix well

Slowly add milk mixture to custard mixture

Pour back into pot

Stir constantly over low heat for about 5 mins, until thick

Remove from stove and add vanilla essence

Beat egg white until stiff

Fold egg white into custard mixture with a metal spoon

Pour warm mixture over crackers

Top with another layer of crackers, lines following in the same direction.

Top with icing sugar mixed with water


I love getting feedback here, if you have tried the recipe please comment below


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  1. That looks so good, I love custard slice and must make this one day. They must have gone down well at the house warming

  2. my hubby has always said he will make these for me one day, we have been married 21 years next month and i am still waiting, so i have printed the recipe so he can make them for me for our anniversary 😀

  3. I lost my custardslice recipe, but new what is should look like, (more or less, lol) This is THE ONE!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. A super recipe, easy and delicious! Thanks for sharing. Definitely a recipe I’ll use again and again!

  5. This looks the same as my mom’s … She lost her one and I’m in the mood to make this for my birthday. Got the recipe now a day before the time. So now the office (and home visitors) are getting custard slices and not cake. Thanx.

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