Do Tissue Salts work?

Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe but in the case of tissue salts I’m looking for some testemonials.  This blog is not about me sharing something with you but rather I would like you to please share your experiences with me.  We recently visited Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre.   Mum bought me a copy of Margaret Roberts book ‘Tissue Salts‘ and reading it makes me want to explore this avenue of natural healing but I would like to hear from you.  If you had x wrong with you and you took tissue salt x with a real positive result please share under the comments below.

I bought my 1st bottle of tissue salts today, I had a monster of a headache and bought a combination one ‘Headache Combin’ made by Pharma Natura.  I can’t say that it has done much to help but maybe I expect too much too soon.  I still have a headache which is just bearable now after Cliff gave me a really good massage.

My son Fjord who is 5 years old has numerous food allergies and other allergies and if I get positive feedback I’m very keen to also try tissue salts with him.

Look forward to your comments.

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