Durban Botanical Gardens


The Durban Botanical Gardens has been around since 1849.  She is a tranquil, stately green thread running through the history of the city.  A constant on the life line of my journey through life.

She calls to comfort and enchant, revealing a new treasure with each visit, previously unexplored or buried in memory.  Always different and always the same.


The tea garden (run by volunteers from the Natal Anti-Tuperculosis Association) must have served crumpets and scones since the dawn of time.  I’m certain the recipe has never changed.

Walking beneath ancient, magestic trees she turns my eyes to dappled light.  Look there, Domi and Heath played on this grass 20 years ago.  There I picnicked with the Shakespeare society.  There I sat sharing precious moments with friends.  There I sat on a blanket listening to the Durban Philharmonic Orchestra.  There I went in solitude, just me and that tree.


The present reveals a reader stretched supline in a patch of receding sunlight.  Branches try to hold the sky.  Art in harmony with nature.


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  1. One of the last places I visited with some very Special people before I left SA.
    Once again – thanks for the walk down memory lane

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