Friendship, tides and poetry


When I visit Umdloti my friend Karin always comes to meet me at Java Café one morning.  We catch up on news and simply enjoy the joy of friendship.  After time with Karin I always feel that my mind has been given a good workout.  The day before we met, she set the challenge to write a poem about our day.   Remarkably both of our poems ended with a reference to waves and foam, great minds ….

this is my poem



These simple


Toes in sand


Breaking waves

a backdrop

of innumerable


Behind children

playing in the sand


will be a grain in our pasts

Time’s imperceptible tide



between mother and me

While each wave

builds to a solo crescendo

Ending in foam

each bubble

a moment on the shore

then gone

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If anyone can give me a better title for this poem please let me know.  …


  1. What a great friendship with a special touch

    • Thank you Cat, we go months without speaking or seeing each other and it’s seamless when we get together again

  2. Lovely poem Sula. Sounds like you are having a great time with family and friends

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