Kambro Padstal


On our lovely alternate route between Johannesburg and Cape Town we were travelling south on the N12 after spending the night at Mokala National Park near Kimberly.  Around midday we started looking for somewhere to have lunch.  We found Kambro Padstal (Farm Stall) 21km north of Britstown.  In the heat of the Karoo it was lovely to sit inside and enjoy toasted sandwiches and chicken pies.  We felt that the chicken pies could be improved on, they were not bad but were a little small and the filling was plain chicken, if I were making them they would be a bit more creative than that.  There were swings next to the parking lot for the children to play on, lovely to see them exercise a bit after being cramped in the car for hours.  It was incredibly hot and I would have been a bit happier if the play area were sheltered by a little shade but trees do not grow in profusion in the semi desert.

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